Destroy me

A friend of mine got me obsessed with Earthbound so I drew lil stickers of these two babes 


white haired boys + tragedy + sea/sky background =


Clear’s Scrap: Game v Anime

As an avid fan of the series (and Clear) I love how the anime did his scene. Mainly because the way to get Clear’s good end in the game is to let the bubbles burst, signifying that Clear is to choose for himself. The anime version however does this by silencing Aoba - Koujaku and Noiz had to be consoled by words “you’re not alone” and “don’t give in” and again with Mink next week. Aoba isn’t allowed to speak in Clear’s mind, thus allowing Clear to decide which path he must take on his own instead of relying on his master’s words.


I want to live as a human because master taught me many important things

Oikawa Tooru, episode 22.

  • Fans:
    happy 25th birthday Earthbound!
  • Nintendo:
    haha that's nice *removes Lucas from Smash* happy fucking birthday
  • 「Trigger」
    //Yuuki Ozaki

    The wind sweeps our souls away, humans steal our hearts
    Oh, Earth… Oh, wind and rain… Oh, Heaven… Oh, Light
    Hold everything within your embrace, and begin your life here…